Illustration Friday – Return

This time the IF topic made me think of a potential scene from another story that has started evolving from a random character design.

I’m a sucker for comparative mythology and Joseph Campbell, and think that the universal nature and common themes of storytelling strengthens, rather than diminishes, how powerful it is. And sometimes it takes a return for a hero/heroine to realize just how far their journey has taken them.


10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Return

  1. Wow! I really like this! I want to read the story that goes along with. I’ve really enjoyed Hero With A Thousand Faces, I find it interesting that we can apply it in a similar way to our own personal stories. Jung also plays into this concept as well. Have you had the chance to read “The Red Book”?

    • Thank you! After months of going back and forth, I’m going to use another story for my first foray into online sequential art storytelling since it will be (I think!) simpler and shorter. Hopefully when I come back to this one, I will have learned quite a bit more about making comics.

      The stories and the analysis are fun, but what I love most is how myths and folk/fairy tales show how connected we actually are by our personal, private experiences. I know Campbell referenced Jung a lot. I haven’t read “The Red Book”, just looked it up. Looks incredible! Thank you for letting me know it exists!

    • Thank you! I won’t say how it’ll actually go in the story, but for this “return” at least I wanted her to have happily caught up with her family after her adventures.

  2. It looks great! I think you successfully captured the dramatic mood. And I agree. There’s potential for a full story. I think it’s even great that you didn’t post a rushed caption along with the illustration because sometimes that limits the imagination for the viewer. I am a sucker for illustrations that come with stories. And I absolutely love this piece.

    • Thanks! I love that, “illustrations that come with stories”. It’s so often figured the other way around. Think that’s essentially what’s pulling me to try out sequential art storytelling; the art is just as necessary, if not more so, than the words.

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