IF – Farewell



Sketch of a flashback scene that may or may not be included in future The Runaway books. ;)

I’ve applied for a table at WonderCon in Anaheim for April 2014. My hope is to have the next book out before then, two schedule willing. While it took me three weeks to finish the first, that was with brutal hours and no planning. Now that my 24 Hour Comic Book Day book has become a thing, I intend to script out the full arc before starting the next issue.

IF – Train



I had planned on doing an image of an antiquated train making its way along a precarious bridge through gorgeous clouded and forested mountain scenery, BUT.

My husband and I were watching SG-1 that night, and in the season 1 finale, Walter says that NASA is re-positioning Hubble so that they can get a closer look at the radar blips they just picked up passing Saturn and heading towards Earth (two Ha’tak vessels oh no!), and this conversation happened:

D: Oh man!
Me: He’s trying as hard as he can!
D: Yeah!
Me: He’s all, “I’m tuuuuuuuuuurning!” (Gir voice)
D: He’s like, “I was supposed to be decommissioned ten years ago!”
Me: “I’m too old for this shit!”

So yeah. Going with train of thought.

IF – Wild



I’ve been practicing doing cat-eel doodles with a Sharpie today, and it’s occurred to me just how much I rely on penciling beforehand. So I took a break to… draw a cat-eel. XD This one is from the wild north. Not sure if that’ll get included in the Runaway story. Penciled(!) then inked with a brush pen and a Tombow marker for shading.

IF – Eye Glasses


I’m curious if there isn’t a little bit of nature v nurture when it comes to wearing eye glasses and intelligence. Kids get bullied for being smart; does fitting the stereotype give children “permission” to enjoy academic studies? Does the shallow expectation that a kid is smart because they look bookish help them to aspire and live up to that ideal? I’ve no doubt there are many other factors that weigh on this more heavily. But I still wonder….

Sometimes the illustrations I do for prompts take an hour or less. Sometimes they take a few days. This one falls under the latter. Though my intention was for these drawings to be quick exercises, I have no regrets when I get carried away like this. Drawn entirely with a .020mm Micron pen. No regrets. Digital color version below. I wanted to fully render this, but on reflection it seems to stand stronger as black & white.


And to help illustrate how creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum:

  • Some of my favorite tea mugs are from ThinkGeek, but oddly enough not that one.
  • Color palette from a pair of my thick stripey socks from Sock Dreams (one of the few sites I maintain a wish list on).
  • Hair style inspired by a piece by artist Timm Henson.
  • Pencil box instead of a book (I have anxiety about even depicting feet on top of a book, childhood story behind that) from suggestions at a weekly sketch group I go to.
  • Spots on the sparrow’s chest an homage to a hummingbird that Kambriel tweeted about.
  • Those lips inspired by Ross Campbell’s amazing character design.
  • And I’ve been wanting to draw a girl wearing those shoes since Pi Day, when the internet is bombarded with odes to math and pastry.