IF – Mission Accomplished!!


With these last couple posts, I’ve successfully filled and completed my Illustration Friday sketchbook! Two years and two months later, and I’m so glad I did this exercise. It gave me drawing assignments when I was between commissions and projects, I used it as an opportunity to try new styles and tools, and drew subjects based on the prompts I may not have on my own. If you’d like to see (most!) of the collection you can click the “Illustration Friday” category in the menu to the right, or here. It goes back quite a few pages!

IF – Robot


I sketched this one during Sunday downtime at my table at WonderCon. Curious how many people noticed and passed me by as a result. XD Robots are sometimes depicted as these adorable pet-like companions… but what if they had some of the inconvenient issues organic pets have? I thought about trailing wires and oil streaks… but that’s too much, even for me!

IF – Travel


It’s not so much travel as packing that’s on my mind. I just tabled WonderCon for the first time this past weekend, and the coming days will be dedicated to boxing up everything for moving this weekend. The good thing about this move is a) I’ll have a dedicated art studio/library room, and b) we’ll be closer to our families so that travel for visits and holidays will be much less stressful.

(I’ll have a summary/review post about my WonderCon experience hopefully sooner than later, I promise!)

IF – Worn



Hike up your skirt now you better run girl run, before they find out what you’ve done….

Ego Likeness. “16 Miles”

Playing around some more with my Runaway stuff. Running from your problems wears you down, whether you deserved to inherit them or not. And there is a time for flight, and another for fight…

IF – Tension


Drawing things out is a common way I work through and alleviate tension, anxiety, and nameless emotional things that sometimes I don’t even know I’m feeling yet. Last week our older cat Pandora had to go in for a dental cleaning and tooth extraction. Which mean general anesthesia, and all the potential risks it comes with. I trust our vet’s office whole-heartedly, and after bringing Pandora in weekly for eight months recently on account of a stubborn respiratory/eye issue a pretty solid rapport had been established with the doctor who’d be doing the work, and the preliminary blood work came back just fine… but I think there’s always going to be something to signing paperwork that says there’s a risk of death, no matter how small.

She’s fine, her remaining teeth look great, and in her wide-eyed pain drug-fueled haze she even finally managed to rip a ball off of the cat tower that’d been vexing her all year.